Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Green Calcite

Green Calcite, is one of the strongest, yet most gentle healing crystals. The chlorite that gets trapped during crystallization gives the stone its famous mesmerizing green hue. The stone is beautifully opaque and appears like washed sea glass, and has a calming, lovely light green shade.

Lately, I have been drawn to Green Calcite for various reasons. Famous for its  profound crystal healing, they assist us in a variety of ways.

  • Green Calcite has accompanied me in my quest for self-discovery. It can tell us how to accept yourself entirely and embrace all of your flaws.
  • When I held it in my hands, it serves as a reminder that my imperfections have made me who I am. It has helped me learn to accept them and use them to my advantage.
  • These stones have a powerful emphasis on heart-centered way of being that can help with anxiety and stress relief.
  • The vibration of these green crystals encourages you to think in new ways, which is one of the essential benefits of utilizing them.
  • It is one of the most powerful healing crystals  ~ providing subtle healing on emotional, spiritual and physical level.
  • Green Calcite emits relaxing and soothing vibes ~ and its just so pleasant to be with, look at or meditate with!

How about these amazing Health inducing properties of Green Calcite?

When I first started working with green calcite, I had a strong intuition about the immense healing properties of this incredible stone. So I dug deeper to learn more about it's healing effects.

  • Green Calcite's is known for assisting in balancing and normalizing blood pressure.
  • It can help with the flu, fevers, chest congestion, and bacterial infections. It is also known to help with all types of inflammation.
  • It is a helpful stone to have if you're a physically active person who engages in strenuous activities. Specifically, it can assist in strengthening joints and bones subjected to a lot of stress during practice or competitions. It may also assist in the relief of arthritic symptoms

Create ultimate abundance with Green Calcite!

  • Green-Calcite is frequently used in prosperity spells due to its ability to attract money, plenty, and prosperity to your home and business.
  • It will raise the positive vibrations around you while eliminating any stagnant energy that is obstructing the flow of abundance.
  • You'll be able to exhibit your talents in all kinds of ways, and the results will be immediately evident ~
  • This stone will also help you with setting priorities, and to focus on what's most important and how you want to achieve financial success in your life.

Green calcite in Feng Shui ~
Feng Shui and crystals go hand and hand ~
You can place Green calcite in what is known as the “Zhen” in Feng Shui Bagua - it is the Bagua of Family & New Beginnings. In Feng Shui the color green represents prosperity, new beginnings and fresh energy! I think we can all use some of that :) It is said that absence of green can make you feel drained of energy and “ chi” In this case we call Green Calcite to the rescue!

I hope you get to know this green beauty and fall in love with it as I have. May it assist and support you on your journey!

Do you have an interesting experience with green calcite? Or do you know any properties that I missed above? Please comment below and share with us!

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