Zoom 07.07.22 Men's Circle w/ Gonzalo Salinas
Zoom 07.07.22 Men's Circle w/ Gonzalo Salinas

07.07.22 Men's Circle w/ Gonzalo Salinas


JULY 7TH 7-8:30PM


The Masculine Soul

Men’s Circle at The Moon Temple


The Masculine Soul is a weekly men’s circle where men have the opportunity to do men’s work. This is a sacred container where you can experience real Friendship, learn about Commitment, and be vulnerable to create profound intimacy with other men.

This is a healing space for men, and the work we do every week is based on two central pillars: Responsibility and Accountability. Responsibility for every action and accountability because every man is his brother’s keeper here.

On this Men’s Circle you’ll find:

  • Stretching Drills
  • Active feedback to get un-stuck
  • Exercises for Masculine Embodiment
  • Structured Masculine Activities
  • Ritual Spaces
  • Soul opening Talks
  • Healing sexual discussions
  • Group Dynamics, etc.


If you’ve been missing a space to rest, connect and recharge, most likely you’re missing the healing power of the Masculine Energy, then this group is for you. See you on the next meeting.


Meet your Facilitator


Gonzalo Salinas is a sex coach, workshop facilitator, and writer.
He studied Literature in College, and later he trained at the Robbins Research and at Landmark Education.
In 2013, Gonzalo began his training in Men’s work at the Mankind Project, where he learned about the Male tribal initiations and organizing Men's Circles.
around that time, Gonzalo began his path as a sex educator, working as an assistant to a Tantra teacher, for a couple of years, and training in workshops and retreats on Tantra and Taoist Sexuality.
He started his coaching career working exclusively with men, helping them to overcome porn addiction. He published the book "Conquering Porn Addiction" (available on Amazon).

He then extended his practice, focusing on Masculine embodiment, healing sexual trauma, Rekindling the sexual spark in couples, and reconnecting with pleasure.
Gonzalo studied at the International School of Temple Arts (ISTA) and got certified as a Holistic Sexuality trainer under the Santini Model.
Gonzalo loves yoga, soccer, reading, archery, and meditation. He is currently writing his second book and lives in Miami.



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07.07.22 Men's Circle w/ Gonzalo Salinas