Zoom 08.24.22 Goddess Yoga w/ Carly Kaplan
Zoom 08.24.22 Goddess Yoga w/ Carly Kaplan

08.24.22 Goddess Yoga w/ Carly Kaplan


(please be on time! doors close at 7:50pm)

Goddess Yoga is the art of sacred and sensual movement that has been shown to transform trauma into peace of mind, confidence, love and so much more through its various rituals combined with the unique (and fun!) movements. The practice is Kundalini and belly-dance inspired, and for many it has...

  • Given them the confidence to speak their truth (in all areas)
  • Allowed them to rise up into their highest self, living their natural gifts, talents, and really cultivating and owning who they are
  • Stopped the habit of playing small
  • Helped them leave unhealthy relationships
  • Shifted out of shame and judgment about their bodies and into deep connection with the sacredness of who they are
  • Developed a healthier connection to the desire for pleasure
  • Released deep trauma and shame around sexuality
  • Allowed them to be more open to sexual energy moving through their bodies

The transformation people have experienced is pretty radical, beautiful, and wildly LIBERATING!

In this class, you’ll connect with yourself (other women), transform energy into power, and have fun!

*This event is for women only and has limited space**


Carly Kaplan Bio


After spending years in Corporate America neglecting her mental health, a series of aligned events forced Carly to turn inward to focus on her personal growth. Through this shift, Carly had many spiritual and serendipitous experiences, which were the catalyst to realizing her life’s work— destigmatizing mental and emotional well-being to make it more accessible.


This work has served her as a certified Goddess Yoga Instructor and Life Coach to identify the lack of connection and love that so many of us feel. Because of this, she teaches people to free themselves, channeling their voice and power from within through movement.


08.24.22 Goddess Yoga w/ Carly Kaplan