Zoom 11.14.22 Sacred Body Awakening Workshop w/ Gizella Turbok

11.14.22 Sacred Body Awakening Workshop w/ Gizella Turbok



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Sacred Body Awakening is a somatic full-body temple honoring. This journey of sensual, somatic embodiment brings us into contact with our true purity. The slowness of the touch loosens up the mind, shakes off our mask and vivifies our sacred purpose.

This is a full body initiation process into the revival of the Sacred Arts, the Mystery Teachings of Mary Magdalene, and the ones who came before her who knew the ‘ways’ of opening the body and heart to the fullness of life, both inner and outer.

Through this practice of the Sacred Body Awakening, we release deep seated body shame, shyness, sexual dysfunctions and soften into our feminine presence. These sacred touches, combined with blessings, open the codes of the body for new depths, dissipating the duality and competition and ignite our divinity and beauty.

Sacred Body Awakening is remembrance of the "Life in the Temple" and the ways of opening, healing, longing and awakening the full feminine and masculine forces within the body. This workshop will open you to what you already know is inside of you.

This workshop consist of 5 constellations (positions), in where participants both receive and give the practices of the sacred body awakening, transforming limitations and awakening and igniting the kundalini energy in the container of unconditional love. We form a safe container of strength, encouragement, deep friendship and trust - and this is the key that opens the door!

To further enhance this beautiful somatic experience, calming music is played and activated high frequency oils from Egypt are applied to the body. 

Sacred Body Awakening Can Help You With: 

• Increased self-love and self-acceptance 

• Increased sense of freedom, vitality, and optimism

• Lightness in the body and spirit

• Release of cognitive patterns that result in self-sabotage

• Healing the body of trauma, criticism, and self- judgment

• An awakened sensual self

• Amplified intuitive abilities

• Greater union of mind, body, and spirit 

• Receipt of energetic downloads

• Remembrance of your life in ancient temples 

• An opening to your own worthiness and divinity

During this 4 week workshop one will receive the transmission from the work of Anaiya Sophia, the founder of the Sacred Body Awakening. Together, we will form a safe container of strength, safety, and trust, and this is the key to open the door to a life without limitations.

This workshop is lead by Gizella Turbok, a Sacred Body Awakening Facilitator & Energy Healer and Certificate of Science Theta Healing Instructor. This workshop is assisted by Rachel Novetsky.

Pre-registration is required and this retreat is limited to 5 men and 12 women. Registration is open until it fills up.

Come learn, heal and ignite your divine feminine and masculine.

This retreat is limited to 5 men and 12 women.


11.14.22 Sacred Body Awakening Workshop w/ Gizella Turbok