Zoom 01.25.22 InnerDance Flow w/ Mari Leon

01.25.22 InnerDance Flow w/ Mari Leon

January 25th
7:00 PM - 9:00 PM
What Is InnerDance Flow?

InnerDance Flow is the alchemical energetic process that happens during a session when a person is laying down in savasana. Some people might describe this energy as a connection with the universe or a cosmic dream . It happens when we tune into deeper psychic, emotional and spiritual energies that exist within each of us and allow these inner forces to flow outwards. When childlike trust and a suspension of the mental chatter happens, a person can experience a sense of release, of healing and of coming home. All the layers of conventions, coping mechanisms and survival efforts simply fall away.

How are we going to InnerDance Flow?

We will do a sequence of practices that can induce a state of heightened awareness. When we liberate the body through dance, activate our life force energy through breathwork and connect to the energy while laying down in savasana, the body can relax and the mind can access altered states of consciousness. Time and space become one, creating a beautiful container for powerful experiences to happen.

How to prepare for an InnerDance Flow session:

1- Do not eat 4 hours prior to the event. We will be doing practices that can create some nausea if the stomach feels heavy with food or alcohol.
2- Wear comfortable clothing. Yoga wear is recommended to move around and feel free in the space.
3- If you get cold easily while meditating, bring a blanket or a sweater to keep you warm.
4- Bring a yoga mat to lie down.
5- Bring an eye mask to cover your eyes and fully immerse into your own personal experience during the meditation portion.

01.25.22 InnerDance Flow w/ Mari Leon