Zoom Breathe Yourself Alive with Leah Barsher
Zoom Breathe Yourself Alive with Leah Barsher

Breathe Yourself Alive with Leah Barsher

FEB  4th

Join us for an intimate, therapeutic group
journey of conscious, connected breathing, somatics, and partner practices. 

This workshop is for you if you're ready to:
* release stress, tension, and stuck emotion from your body
* open your heart to what you really feel
* find resilience and bravery in your vulnerability 
* immerse yourself in a loving, empowering environment and receive support
* come home to yourself 
We will use breath, sound, and movement to relax and reconnect to our source of ease, clarity, and wisdom within. The breath gently opens our hearts and paves the way for profound insight and integration to take root.
This offering is open to all people with or without previous breathwork experience. And it is an individual practice within a group environment.
Items to bring: mat, blanket, water, optional journal and pen.

Leah Barsher is a Certified Clarity Breathwork Practitioner, Reiki Master, and trained in Numa Somatics Integrative Breathwork Therapy. She was a dancer for 15 years and weaves in movement and somatics to her offerings as well. For the last 5 years, she has traveled throughout the US, Canada, Mexico, and beyond to share transformative experiences with individuals, groups, festivals, and a recovery center. Leah guides people to connect deeply with their body's wisdom, and source love, freedom, and power from within. Many experience a shedding of stress and tension, profound emotional release, deeper acceptance of themselves, and greater clarity and ease. Leah is passionate about guiding people to self-resource and reach for the resiliency to walk their unique path connected to their heart and soul.


  • "The level of healing I've been able to reach through Leah's guidance has been one of the greatest blessings in my life. Opening a door to deep deep release and freedom from the sadness I've carried for so long. Leah's approach of genuine compassion and true understanding has allowed me to get to a place I've always been afraid of - vulnerability. Her voice, her sincerity, and her own experience provided the necessary container to allow me to trust again. Not just in her, but in myself as well. Getting to know my inner workings. I will always be grateful for crossing paths with this beautiful and kindred spirit. With my entire being, thank you." -Bryant 


  • "Meeting Leah and experiencing multiple breathwork sessions with her has been deeply powerful and transformative for me. I've had a range of experiences from visualizations and powerful messages coming through to feeling like I was healing my relationship with my body and sensuality. I came in to one of the sessions frustrated and low energy and Leah held a beautiful, connective and allowing space that made it possible for me to relax and emerge more peaceful and connected to myself and my purpose. I was so surprised and impressed with the quality of care, non judgement and also deep playfulness and fun that she holds as a facilitator. I continue to work with her to keep my vibrancy alive and to fuel me in my business and creative endeavors!" -Reva


  • "It is my privilege to acknowledge the amazing healing Leah assists with her breathwork. Her open radiant heart has supported me with such tenderness, kindness and wisdom. Her ability to connect and journey with my transformation is very deeply held in my heart. I am so grateful that our paths have crossed. Leah is a true healer and she lives her practice. Amazing and I so look forward to her guidance when I get to attend the next journey with her." -Donna 

Breathe Yourself Alive with Leah Barsher