Zoom Monthly Goddess Circle w/ Nia and Pilar
Zoom Monthly Goddess Circle w/ Nia and Pilar

Monthly Goddess Circle w/ Nia and Pilar







Welcome Sister to the 13 moons of support, feminity, and love! When we come together our power is unmeasurable! 

We gather one time a month in the coziness and beauty of the Moon Temple, floating in the waters of this space as inside of the womb to witness together with our rebirth!!! Celebrate each other's growth for this next Epic year that we get to co-create together! You are not alone anymore, you are supported, celebrated, and with the power of Goddesses rooting for you! ♥️ 

We gather every second Thursday of each month with a native prayer called Moon Prayer, manifesting and bringing your vision to bless each month of this new year, with your own hands weaving your wishes setting your intentions in fabrics, herbs, seeds, petals wrapping them in 13 pouches that will symbolize your year and will support to bring you back to your intention any time of need during 2022. Like a vision board but an ancient practice! 

Each month the circle will welcome the wisdom of medicine women from the Miami community and the world! 
Eager to feel you in this space and co-create so much love, deliciousness, and magic!  Glorious 2022 indeed when we come together and make it happen to support each other! 

Grand rising beloved! 
See you in The Temple


Nia & Pilar


Nia is an actress, filmmaker, medicine woman, singer that was initiated in spirituality in 2011 by the spirit itself. Understanding at that time that her mission on this earth is to create a bridge as all artists have done in important times on this earth to bring the vision of the stars to create a better future. She dove deep into holistic trainings like family constellations, shamanism, sound-voice healing, inner child healing, ritualistic theater, subpersonalities studies (shadow work) rebirthing, archetypical healing, psicomagic, mindfulness, laughter yoga, taoism, tantra, and self-love. Together with her training in acting, theater, and tantra she developed a new approach to healing understanding as our Natives explain that singing, dancing, altered states of consciousness, and channeling bound to every human and thru this practices our truth which is abundance in every aspect, perfect health, pure happiness, and divine love are recovered. The red tent in Venezuela a circle of powerful women was the first community that held her in her awakening and many of her teachings in feminine  mysteries come from them, always in circles with Nia a part of the profit goes to her teachers and women in this circles in need 

Pilar Rosario is a passionate about holistic wellness and actively shares her passion for preventative health and wellness through food, fitness and plant based products.

“My heartfelt mission is to find a healer in every home. We all have the power and the choice to create a better lifestyle for ourselves.

When we proactively choose health, we empower ourselves and our family and friends 💗”

Monthly Goddess Circle w/ Nia and Pilar