Zoom 12.5.22 Reiki Healing Circle w/ Leah Barsher
Zoom 12.5.22 Reiki Healing Circle w/ Leah Barsher

12.5.22 Reiki Healing Circle w/ Leah Barsher

December 5th
Rei = spiritual consciousness
Ki= the energy of life 
Reiki is a gentle and powerful Japanese healing art that resources the body with nurturing, therapeutic energy. As you lay back and soften into receptivity, Reiki opens channels to reestablish flow and provides purification, empowerment, and guidance. Many experience stress reduction, reprieve from physical discomfort, movement of energy and emotion, and reconnection to Source and Unconditional Love. It is a research-based, complementary alternative medicine (CALM) that works in conjunction with medical and therapeutic care to expedite healing and recovery. 
During this healing session, each person will be offered hands-on Reiki treatment, as we all bathe in the energy that infuses and warms the whole space. 
Leah Barsher is a Usui/Holy Fire® Reiki Master Practitioner and Teacher. She has been studying and practicing Reiki since 2018. She is also a Certified Clarity Breathwork Practitioner, trained in Numa Somatics Integrative Breathwork Therapy, holds a Diploma in Behavioral Breathing Sciences, and is currently studying for her Masters in Social Work. For the last 6 years, she has traveled throughout the US, Canada, Mexico, and beyond to share transformative experiences with individuals, groups, festivals, and recovery centers. Leah guides people to connect deeply with their body's wisdom, and source love, freedom, and power from within. Leah is passionate about guiding people to self-resource and reach towards the resiliency to walk their unique path connected to their heart and soul.
Instagram: breathworkwithleah
Facebook: facebook.com/breathworkwithleah

Please reach out to Leah before attending if you have any of the following conditions or use any of the following medications: diabetes and take insulin injections, currently undergoing chemotherapy / radiotherapy, broken bone that is not set, epilepsy,  use a pacemaker, anesthesia, blood pressure medication, and/or thyroid medication.

It is vital, for your safety, that each person refranes from using alcohol, recreational drugs, and any mind-body altering substances such as plant medicines and marijuana 48 hours prior (other than medication prescribed by a medical doctor). Reiki is not to be used as a substitute for professional medical healthcare or advice. 
I went to see Leah for a reiki healing session to address my anxiety and physical body aches. I was amazed at her nourishing, grounding, and loving presence. Leah has a way of making you feel calm. All my anxiety around experiencing the session vanished once we began. She was very respectful around boundaries, she always asks if you’re comfortable with touch, and I really appreciated that. I was amazed at her ability to tune into my energy. It is very apparent that Leah’s intuition is strong and clear. I left the session feeling exponentially more at ease, and was feeling the effects throughout the rest of the week. I’d recommend Leah to anyone who is looking to connection, growth, and healing. ~ Bianca
I am so grateful for meeting a beautiful and tender soul such as Leah. She holds a special space for you in her heart and works with your energy so softly to transform your experience. Her warm and loving energy makes you feel safe and loved so you can dive deeper and have the most out of your experience. I was able to feel relief within an hour. My energy was moving so freely through my body and I was able to release everything that got stagnated. So thankful for you Leah. ~ Maria
I didn't know what to expect during the Reiki sessions, but Leah provided support before, during, and after each session. She was transparent when answering questions that I had about the modality. She also provided a safe and welcoming environment that allowed me to explore things that were previously unknown to me. I was drawn to Reiki after a very transformative event in my life. And as I shared my experiences, I felt Leah understood where I needed support the most. While I am still unsure exactly what goes on in Reiki, the drastic shifts that have taken place are certainly for the better and are reflective of Leah's practice filled with compassion.  ~Kenji

12.5.22 Reiki Healing Circle w/ Leah Barsher