Zoom 04.03.23 Reiki - Sound Healing - Zero-Point Energy w/ Leah Barsher
Zoom 04.03.23 Reiki - Sound Healing - Zero-Point Energy w/ Leah Barsher

04.03.23 Reiki - Sound Healing - Zero-Point Energy w/ Leah Barsher

April 3rd
6:30 PM - 7:45PM

Join us for our final Reiki Circle at Moon Temple. This one is going to be special. 

Come to relax and unwind your mind - reset your nervous system - recharge your vital energy - and reconnect to divine alignment. 

This circle will include a Holy Fire® Reiki meditation and zero-point energy field transmission from the LifeStream Generator™. Each person will receive a personal Holy Fire® Reiki tune-up, as we all bathe in the vibrations of crystal healing bowls. May this be your sacred time to slow down and harmonize your mind, body, and soul. 

Space is limited. Please register to save your spot and arrive on time. Doors will be locked 10-15 minutes after 6:30 pm.

Suggestions of what to bring:

- blanket

- pillow

- wear layers of clothing

- sacred items (stones, flowers, photo, etc.)

- eye pillow

- journal and pen

- water

- a friend!

Who is this for?
This Reiki Circle is for people new to Reiki and sound healing, as well as experienced practitioners and healers. It is designed for you to unwind, receive, and uplift and amplify your vibrational field. 


What is Reiki?

Rei = spiritual consciousness
Ki= the energy of life 

Reiki is a gentle and therapeutic Japanese healing art that opens channels to reestablish flow and harmonizes the mind, body, and spirit. Many experience stress reduction, reprieve from physical discomfort, movement of energy and emotion, guidance, empowerment, and reconnection to Source and Unconditional Love. Reiki is a research-based, complementary alternative medicine (CALM) that works in conjunction with medical and therapeutic care to expedite healing and recovery. 

What is Sound Healing?

Crystal singing bowls create healing sound for the receptors in your cells to resonate with. Different notes of the bowls are tuned with different chakras (energy centers) within the body that have the ability to balance the energy centers within your body. Sound healing with crystal bowls can help alleviate stress, physical pain, anxiety, and more. It can also create emotional balance and release, and induce a trance or theta state. Since the bowls have the ability to induce the theta state, many recipients have a spiritual experience journeying within. Most people find clarity, peace of mind, and a greater sense of wholeness.

What is the LifeStream Generator™? 

A revolutionary device that emits a zero-point, non-polarized field of pure radiant energy. The LifeStream is a consciousness tool that naturally recharges the cellular system, accelerates healing, and returns the body to a state of homeostasis. Radiant energy is the ethereal binding energy given off by the Earth and Sun that permeates all living organisms. When we connect back to this amplified field, cellular harmonic resonance is initiated. Our cells absorb the radiant energy like a sponge raising our cellular voltage back to 90% its original function . This is key to reducing stress and bringing balance back to our systems as nature naturally does. We experience deep presence and the opportunity to remember our own radiance, which is an expression of our essence or unique vibrational signature. When reiki is practiced with this non-depleting field, the integration becomes more effortless and the recalibration benefits are amplified.


Leah Barsher 
Leah is a Usui/Holy Fire® Reiki practitioner and teacher. She has been studying and practicing Reiki since 2018. She is also a trauma-informed Certified Somatic Breathwork Practitioner, Breathing Behavioral Analyst, and is currently studying for her Masters in Social Work to become a licensed therapist. For the last 6 years, she has traveled throughout the US, Canada, Mexico, and beyond to share transformative experiences with individuals, groups, festivals, and recovery centers. Leah guides people to connect deeply with their body's wisdom, and source love, freedom, and power from within. 
Website: leahbarsher.com
Instagram: breathworkwithleah

Nina Born 

Nina is a healing arts facilitator and mentor. She offers ceremony, sound healing, Holy Fire® Karuna Reiki, ThetaHealing, embodied movement, and sacred circles. She specializes in energetics and feminine arts working with individuals and groups alike. 

Website: https://www.ninaborn.net

Instagram: @iamninaborn and @womb.circle

Facebook: Nina Born and Womb Circle 

Jeanne LaRoche
Jeanne is a Miami native passionately layering complimentary healing art modalities and transformational experiences to cultivate and reclaim radiant health and energetic wealth naturally. She is a Lifestream Generator™ Practitioner, co-founder of Lifestream Generator™ Florida, Reiki Practitioner, Vitalist Herbalist, Source Flow Yoga Instructor, and Womb Temple Facilitator. Jeanne focuses on supporting the body’s innate intelligence to self-regulate and heal by optimizing the flow of life force energy and reconnecting to the Earth’s natural rhythms. Her foundational intention is to help others remember their radiance so they can have the energy and clarity to follow their highest excitement.
Instagram: @Luminous_Laze
Instagram: @Lifestreamgenerator_fl

Please reach out to Leah before attending if you have any of the following conditions or use any of the following medications: diabetes and take insulin injections, currently undergoing chemotherapy / radiotherapy, broken bone that is not set, epilepsy,  use a pacemaker, anesthesia, blood pressure medication, and/or thyroid medication.

It is vital, for your safety, that each person refranes from using alcohol, recreational drugs, and any mind-body altering substances such as plant medicines and marijuana 48 hours prior (other than medication prescribed by a medical doctor). Reiki is not to be used as a substitute for professional medical healthcare or advice. 

04.03.23 Reiki - Sound Healing - Zero-Point Energy w/ Leah Barsher